Published On: April 26, 2019

Cable assemblies can be complex pieces of equipment with a multitude of connections and terminals. All these variables introduce potential failure points, making it crucial to test and inspect finished products in order to ensure reliable performance.

With so many diverse applications, it’s important that your cable assembly works as expected! At JEM Electronics, we are trusted in producing reliable assemblies in performance-critical industries such as military equipment and medical devices. Here is a checklist of what we test and audit to ensure a consistently high-quality product:

Proper Design

Before production even begins, we provide cable assembly design support to ensure that the equipment will be suitable for use in whatever context or conditions it will be used. Whether selecting shielded vs unshielded cables, or choosing components, using the right parts for the application is crucial.

Visual Inspection

Cable assembly inspectionA basic visual inspection can reveal damage or defects that are obvious to the naked eye. This provides a good first line of defense in auditing any defective or mis-wired cables. Visual inspections check for:

  • Damaged insulation
  • Rust
  • Corrosion
  • Moisture
  • Any other visual defects

Proper Labeling

With special custom cable labeling options, we always ensure that cables are properly labeled to avoid incorrect connections.

Hipot Testing

Cable assembly testing equipmentHipot testing is employed to verify a cable’s ability to withstand high voltages. At JEM, we use hipot testing to verify the reliability of any equipment that could prove life-threatening if there was a failure.

VSWR Testing

Voltage Standing Wave Ratio testing is used on RF and coaxial assemblies to ensure radio frequencies don’t change after being passed through the assembly.

Continuity Testing

Continuity testing is a basic test to detect opens and shorts. This process ensures that there’s a proper connection at both ends of a cable.

Resistance Testing

Resistance testing measures the amount of electricity that may leak from one wire to another adjacent wire. This testing ensures the wire’s insulation is capable of resisting enough electricity for the given application.

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