JEM Electronics manufactures custom cable assemblies, wire harness assemblies and more – for a wide range of applications. Whether it’s detailed, labor-intensive manufacturing projects or large mass production runs, our facilities are well suited to meet customers specific requirements. We work with customers in numerous industries including the following:

Military & Defense

High reliability, performance, and safety are paramount in this industry, making cable assemblies a critical component. They are used for: Communication, Surveillance, Weapon, Avionics and Electronic Warfare systems.


Cable assemblies and wire harnesses serve as a vital connection between different components and sub-systems of a robot, ensuring seamless communication and transfer of both data and power. The use of robots can be found in various industries including but not limited to: Manufacturing, Healthcare and Logistics. They are built to withstand harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures, vibrations and mechanical stress, minimizing downtime and improving overall reliability.

Medical & Healthcare

Precise and reliable communication in this industry is vital, which makes cable assemblies essential. They are used in monitoring, diagnostic and treatment equipment, and providing data and power connections between devices and patients.


Cable assemblies provide electrical connections, ensure signal integrity, guarantee safety and ease maintenance procedures between various components.

Renewable Energy

The cable assemblies used in this industry have the role of connecting, transmitting and maintaining electrical power between solar panels, wind turbines, inverters, batteries, and other equipment. These are designed to handle high voltage and current levels to prevent power loss and ensure smooth energy flow; and built to withstand harsh weather conditions, extreme temperatures and environmental hazards.

Our Custom Cables Include but are not limited to:

Our Custom Cables Include but are not limited to:

  • Signal Cables

  • Control Cables

  • Data Cables

  • CAT 5,6,7 Cables

  • Fiber Optic Cables

  • HDMI Cables

  • Power Chords

  • USB Cables

  • Battery Cables

  • Ethernet Cables

  • COTS Cables

  • Coax Cables

What our clients have to say

Our customer support speaks for itself. In looking at testimonials, customer satisfaction levels with our quality and workmanship as well as the commitment to on-time delivery are all indicators of JEMs dependability and commitment.

“You are such an excellent vendor JEM! All and all good communication. Thank you for getting our product out and sending tracking information. Please keep up the good work.”
“Thank you for pushing our product to the front of the line. Another example of why I enjoy working with JEM and value the partnership we have had for so many years. Give our thanks to the whole team!”
“It truly has been a pleasure working with you and your exceptional customer service has made our completely crazy purchasing habits, almost painless. JEM is truly one of our best suppliers.”
“We are very grateful to be partnered with you, as you have been a wonderful supplier to work with.”