JEM’s personnel are trained and practice lean and Six Sigma practices. JEM continuously strives to eliminate waste in order to improve the quality of our services while reducing the cost of our products. Employees from the top down are trained in lean manufacturing techniques and empowered to drive the continuous improvement process.

Through Kaizan events in conjunction with the 5S methodology, the JEM Team has the opportunity to contribute ideas to further reduce the labor time required to perform assembly operations.

LEAN Manufacturing

JEM TeamworkJEM is able to increase the value offered to customers by minimizing waste and increasing productivity along LEAN manufacturing guidelines. Our employees are trained in these practices to increase operational efficiency so we can provide you, our customer, a better product.

What is LEAN Manufacturing?

LEAN manufacturing is a methodology aimed at identifying value in a manufacturing system and minimizing any waste that does not contribute to that value. This method is customer-centric, as everything revolves around the idea of value; what a customer is willing to pay for. At JEM, these ideals permeate our manufacturing processes, affecting everything from overall strategies to the way individual personnel carry out their daily work.

Kaizen Methodology

Kaizen methodology seeks to make continuous iterative improvements to company operations. By taking suggestions for improvement from all levels of our organization at JEM, we work towards the collective goal of increasing productivity and shortening lead times.

Six Sigma Process Improvement

Six Sigma techniques for process improvement focus on establishing strategies that improve quality and minimize defects. In conjunction with LEAN manufacturing methods and the “5 whys” of root cause analysis, we at JEM can develop and improve the way we produce and deliver our products.