Why is Six Sigma Important to JEM?

At the heart of JEM’s manufacturing operation lies the fundamental practice of Lean Manufacturing. With our team of Green Belt Six Sigma certified employees, we seek continual improvement by identifying and eliminating waste in our processes. Through the utilization of tools, such as Value Stream Mapping, Spaghetti Diagrams and Fishbone Diagrams, JEM thinks lean right from the beginning. Our use of Lean Manufacturing allows us to supply quality product to our customers on time and at a competitive price.

JEM applies a Six Sigma DMAIC approach to problem solving in order to define, measure, analyze, improve and control its processes. This method ensures robust and validated operations. We take great steps to make sure that our measurement systems reliably monitor and control our processes. Use of process control charts and process capability indices ensure a consistent and reliable product through the elimination and control of process variation.

“The significance of Lean Six Sigma to JEM Electronics, is that it gives us the knowledge and tools to measure and improve our processes. Using this information, we have been able to dramatically reduce process times and eliminate waste, while improving quality metrics.”

– John McDonald, CEO