Over the past 40 years JEM has developed a vast network of sub-assembly and custom component suppliers that position JEM as a one stop shop for your electromechanical assembly project. The same strict quality and testing standards that are critical to the cable assembly side of the business are also carried over to the mechanical integration assembly side. Due to the complexity of wiring and component integration, many of these assemblies must be put together by hand. JEM’s highly qualified technicians constantly review and revise assembly steps to reduce labor steps and cut production times. In addition we have the capability to configure and build custom test fixtures to meet our customers’ specific test requirements for design verification.

Why choose JEM for your Electromechanical Assemblies?

  • Single point of purchase
  • Superior Customer Service

  • Dedicated work cell production control
  • Detail process control documentation
  • Logistics planning
  • Inventory management

Let’s Collaborate On Your Next Project

If you are looking for a custom assembly do not hesitate to contact us; one of our experienced representatives will be glad to discuss the details of your project.