In computer networking, cable assemblies are used to connect devices. They are made up of a cable, connectors, and sometimes other components, such as a strain relief or a boot. The cable is the physical medium that carries the data, and the connectors are used to join the cable to the devices.

Assorted cables

There are many different types of cable assemblies used in computer networking, the most common types include:

Twisted-pair cable assemblies: the most common type of cable assembly used in computer networking. They are made up of two insulated copper wires twisted together, which helps to reduce interference.

Coaxial cable assemblies: made up of a single copper core surrounded by a layer of insulation, which is then surrounded by a braided metal shield.

Fiber optic cable assemblies: use light to transmit data, making them immune to electromagnetic interference. They are the fastest networking cable for communication.

These assemblies are used in a variety of applications including but not limited to local area networks, wide area networks and metropolitan networks.

There are also specialized cable assemblies that connect servers, routers, switches, and other network devices together.

There are also cable assemblies for connecting to specific types of networks, such as wireless networks and telephone networks.

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