High reliability, performance, and safety are paramount in military and defense applications, making cable assemblies critical components.

Cable assemblies are used in military and defense hardware for providing power, data, and control signals. Mil-Spec cable assemblies are key here, and are designed to meet specific military standards, such as MIL-C-17 for coaxial cables and MIL-DTL-3432 for power cables.

The choice of cable assembly for a particular application depends on the specific requirements of that application and how it will be used.

Mil-Spec cable

The most common uses include communication systems, weapon systems, electronic warfare, surveillance and reconnaissance, command and control systems and for aircrafts and ships.

The cable assemblies used in the military and defense industry must meet a wide range of requirements such as being able to withstand harsh environmental conditions, extreme temperatures, vibration, and shock. The cables must also be able to protect the signals they carry from interference, be reliable and durable, and operate under demanding conditions for many years.

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