Ensuring Accuracy with Continuity Testing

Continuity testing is performed to detect opens and shorts within an assembly or harness. JEM utilizes continuity testing to verify that a connection exists at both ends of a cable, as well as ensuring that wires within a system do not cross. Defective cables can make equipment faulty once installed, which is why it is important to determine continuity in the manufacturing phase.

We use all of the proper equipment for continuity testing and regularly calibrate all machines to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Continuity Testing with JEM Electronics

At JEM Electronics, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products which is why we offer continuity testing performed with state-of-the-art equipment. Proper electrical testing ensures reliable performance, and we are dedicated to providing customers with cable assemblies and harnesses that they can count on.

Note: Continuity testing services are available for JEM Electronics products only; we do not offer this as a standalone service.

Other electrical testing services performed by JEM include: