Ensuring Reliability with High Potential Testing

High potential testing (or “hipot” testing) is the process of verifying a cable’s ability to withstand high voltages by subjecting it to a given amount of electricity. JEM utilizes hipot testing to verify the reliability of any cable, assembly, or harness that will be used in a way that could prove life-threatening if there was to be a failure. This type of testing is also useful on shielded cables or power cords that may regularly be exposed to high voltages.

The equipment we use for hipot testing ensures good isolation between the parts of a circuit, guaranteeing the safety and quality of all electrical circuits we manufacture. Our machines have built-in insulation resistance testers and provide the latest in technology and safety features.

Hipot Testing with JEM Electronics

At JEM Electronics, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products which is why we offer hipot testing up to 30 KV along the IPC/WHMA-A-620B testing standard. Proper electrical testing ensures reliable performance, and we are dedicated to providing customers with cable assemblies and harnesses that they can count on.

Note: Hipot testing services are available for JEM Electronics products only; we do not offer this as a standalone service.

Other electrical testing services performed by JEM include: