Published On: June 17, 2021

Wire harnesses and cables are essential for industry, whether in your car or computer, at the bottom of the sea, or in outer space. The distinction between cables, which essentially join two points, and harnesses – which can have multiple input and output points – is explained in our blog on cable assemblies vs wire harnesses.

These components need to be designed, prototyped, and tested. Then the process of manufacturing in quantity begins.

Equipment and Process

Although we are used to automated manufacturing in many business sectors, cable and harness assembly is one area where manual production remains significant. These processes can be complex and quite variable, so they require the skills and experience of expert personnel. Many components are very customized, which necessitates procedures using hand assembly.

Firstly, the wires are cut to length by a wire cutting machine. The ends are stripped to be ready for attaching terminals or connector housings. Although hand operations are important, JEM Electronics uses specialist wire harness equipment to fabricate the highest quality products, including wire processing machines from leading companies such as Schleuniger, Komax, and many others to meet your wire and cable processing requirements. We have the wire harness assembly equipment to guarantee a high-quality, reliable cable – this includes the capability to crimp both ends of a wire, double crimp wire ends with up to three separate contacts, and implement single-ended seal applications and tinning with label markings.

Finally, the wires are gathered into a harness on a workbench or assembly board. This is the critical part of the process, where all the components are put together, fastened, and any other operations are performed to finish the product. Machine soldering and crimping are utilized, as necessary.

Quality Control and Testing

Wire harness assembly

We aim for the highest standards in our cables and harnesses, so when they roll off our production line, they are subjected to extensive safety testing. JEM Electronics utilizes only the finest equipment to test for resistance, continuity, VSWR testing, hipot testing, and insulation resistance testing. JEM’s exacting testing practices guarantee consistent, exceptional levels of quality in the products we manufacture, so you can be assured that they will be install-ready and perform to your specifications without a hitch. We constantly strive to improve the quality of our products so you can be assured of reliability in operation, even under arduous conditions.

Industry Standards

JEM Electronics has over forty years of operations. The company adheres to the highest standards of cable and harness manufacturing, including the latest standards (IPC620B), as well as ISO 9001. We train our personnel to the highest specifications: IPC standard (IPC-A-620). We also have been registered by UL and CSA to manufacture industrial items meeting the UL/CSA safety requirements.

Wire Harness Products Available

At JEM Electronics, we make a wide variety of wire harnesses and cable assemblies. These include RF and Ethernet connectors, fiber-optic and power cables, as well as flat, ribbon, and custom cable harnesses. With our long industry experience and skilled workforce, we can fabricate any type of cable needed by our clients.

We work in a wide variety of business sectors, from military and aerospace to consumer and telecoms. Advanced industries like robotics, medical and renewable energy use our reliable products to add value to their production processes. Nowadays, labeling is an essential requirement for many industries such as military or medical: automated custom labeling is provided for all our products, including date codes, serialization, bar codes, and custom fonts.

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