Ensuring Resilience with Resistance Testing

Resistance testing is the process of passing electricity through a wire and measuring the amount of electricity that may leak to another nearby wire. This provides an idea of how much electricity a wire’s insulation is capable of resisting. JEM utilizes resistance testing to make sure that the insulation on the wire will hold up to its intended application; if wires grouped together allow signal to leak to one another, partial shorts or intermittent signal quality issues can occur.

We utilize only the best CAMI CableEye equipment to ensure the safety and quality of all assemblies and harnesses we manufacture. Our machines are also regularly calibrated to maintain peak accuracy.

Resistance Testing with JEM Electronics

At JEM Electronics, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products which is why we offer resistance testing on any products that are to be used in critical situations, from applications in the military to medical fields and beyond. Proper electrical testing ensures reliable performance, and we are dedicated to providing customers with cable assemblies and harnesses that they can count on.

Note: Resistance testing services are available for JEM Electronics products only; we do not offer this as a standalone service.

Other electrical testing services performed by JEM include: