Quality IDC Cables

Insulation displacement connection (IDC) is a method for terminating an insulated wire to a connector or terminal without pre-stripping the insulation from the connector. Insulation displacement connectors provide a quick, reliable assembly of terminations to flat ribbon cables and discrete wires. JEM Electronics has years of experience working with insulation displacement connections. We have acquired and built the tooling necessary to ensure a repeatable process, thereby reducing potential assembly errors.

JEM Electronics can provide rigorous quality tests for every insulation displacement connection assembled. We test for variations in wire gauge, wire-to-wire spacing, insulation thickness, insulation type, application tooling, and alignment of the cable. We do a continuity check to prevent any unreliable connections, electrical opens or short-circuits within your cable. We are absolutely committed to providing a quality product that exhibits satisfactory performance!

Insulation Displacement Connection with JEM Electronics

JEM Electronics has the capability to assemble insulation displacement connections of high quality and reliability thanks to our extensive experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and dedication to client satisfaction. We understand that our customer’s need to get a final product that is 100% tested and ready to be installed in their equipment!

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