Published On: February 22, 2022

With access to mass production facilities worldwide, finding standard cables has become relatively easy. While these off-the-shelf cables meet generic needs, they will likely fall short for complex applications. These mass-produced cables may also not be suitable for mission-critical applications that require cables and connectors to be of a specific quality and manufacturing standard.

With such limitations, businesses often prefer custom cable assemblies built to offer superior performance for specific tasks. Custom cable assemblies, manufactured as per the application demands, ensure reliability, providing peace of mind and better returns on investment.

Cable assemblyQuality

The manufacturing standards of mass-produced cables often suffer from cost restraints. For cable manufacturers, producing only the highest quality cables is not viable because it jacks up the prices and will likely force customers to look for cheaper options.

A custom cable assembly allows you to oversee the quality standards in place, allowing you to create products that comply with regulatory standards. For instance, if your application requires cables to withstand specific temperatures and operate in a chemically-exposed environment, your custom cable manufacturer can test the cables for these parameters before final assembly.


Having total control over the design and production means that you can customize your assembly to the exact requirements of your special application. From the length, wire quality, and connector specifications to tolerances and color coding, you get the flexibility to customize everything. In addition, if you want to incorporate more functions into the cable, making it truly proprietary, you can do so with a custom cable assembly.


The choice of materials determines the quality of a cable to a great extent. With a custom cable assembly, you can choose the best material suitable for your application. For example, if you want a connector to have gold plating, cables to be 100% copper, and a thermoplastic CPE cable jacket, a custom cable manufacturer will allow such flexibility in material selection.

Better Lead Time Management

One of the lessons that the pandemic taught businesses is that depending on third-party suppliers can become disastrous whenever there is a disruption in the supply chain. However, with a custom cable assembly, all the materials needed for production are well-defined. Hence, it becomes easier to source materials in advance instead of ordering them on the fly and gain better control over inventory levels.

Moreover, with a custom cable manufacturer, you also get access to a standardized manufacturing process involving prototyping, pre-production runs, and QA/QC testing, ensuring that the product gets delivered on time with minimum waste.

Rigorous Testing

Standardized cables pass through a series of QA/QC checks before they hit the market. However, these standards are put in place by the manufacturer and not by your business. Therefore, if you need cables that meet your specific quality standards, a custom cable assembly is the obvious solution as it will allow you to decide the final factors or tests to determine the final product quality.

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JEM Electronics is a client-oriented contract manufacturer of custom cable assemblies, electro-mechanical assemblies, wire harness assemblies, and box builds. Our facilities meet ISO9001 standards, and our products meet the UL/CSA safety requirements. We also maintain ITAR certification with the U.S. Department of State to manufacture military cable assemblies.

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