Quality Automotive Cable Assemblies

Building an automotive cable assembly requires state of the art machinery to guarantee reliability and a consistent product. Each terminal crimp must be measured with accuracy to ensure each connection will hold up during the life of the wire harness. Our equipment measures this connection in real time during each crimping stage. This provides a 100% quality inspected cable while the product is being made.

JEM Electronics continually reinvests annually in the latest wire processing technology as well as tooling to optimize quality and efficiency. All of JEM’s machinery and tooling is consistently maintained and calibrated per the OEM’s specifications. Our machines have process monitoring that is fully integrated, which allows us to cut, strip and terminate the wire exactly to your specification. This optimizes quality control with repeatability for each of your orders. We also offered other specialized value-added services like sonic welding to ensure our products are of the highest quality and dependability.

JEM Electronics: Your Automotive Cable Assembly Manufacturer

JEM Electronics has over 30 years of experience building custom cable assemblies for the automotive industry. Contact us or request a free quote so we can help you build a better product today!