JEM offers electronics potting services to exclude moisture, prevent short circuits, and provide strain relief on enclosed circuit boards and other components. We can perform potting with various materials, including silicone-based materials used in high voltage applications and two-part epoxy compounds. Our potting machines are suitable for all types of fluids, allowing us to meet all of our customer’s potting needs.

What is Potting?

Electronics potting is the process of sealing an enclosed component with a plastic compound or material that protects it from moisture, corrosion, shock, and vibration. If you have an electronics assembly that will be exposed to harsh environments, potting can add an extra layer of protection that will ensure proper function, prevent short circuits, and provide strain relief.

Custom Potting with JEM Electronics

For industries that require the highest reliability and durability, JEM Electronics is proud to offer custom potting services. From military cable assemblies to medical applications and more, we have established ourselves as the most trusted name in custom cable assemblies and harnesses. Reach out today and request a quote or contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to putting our decades of expertise to work for you!