Electro Mechanical Assembly Services

An electro mechanical device is any piece of equipment that involves the use of electronic machines or systems to perform some type of work. Everywhere you look you are likely to see various electromechanical assemblies quietly doing their job every hour of the day. These can be anything from a computer to a fly by wire controller in modern military combat aircraft. It takes a lot of work to take this type of device from concept to completed working product and JEM Electronics is a manufacturer with the experience and capability necessary to complete these complicated projects.

Meeting operational requirements and adhering to specifications can often be a trial and error process when it comes to electro-mechanical assemblies. There are likely to be a few problems that may look good on paper but quickly become impractical or impossible in the manufacturing process. Thanks to a skilled team dedicated to quality engineering and design support, we at JEM are proud to offer a comprehensive service that includes working with our customers’ needs and expectations to resolve any issues.

Why JEM for Your Electromechanical Assemblies?

  • Single point of purchase
  • Assistance in design for manufacture and design cost
  • Dedicated work cell production control
  • Detail process control documentation
  • Logistics planning
  • Inventory management

At JEM Electronics we have a dedicated staff that understands the complexities of building new and innovative electromechanical assemblies. We have the facilities to take even the most complex assembly from concept to final product. All of our staff are trained and certified to meet the latest IPC -A-620 standards to ensure that all products meet the highest qualifications of workmanship and quality in the industry.

Getting Started on Your Electromechanical Assembly Project

Complicated projects require experience and dedication to get the job done right. If you’re interested in electromechanical assembly services, contact us at JEM Electronics today for a free quote or to review your design with one of our knowledgeable experts.

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