Quality Ethernet Cable Assemblies

JEM Electronics manufactures all types of ethernet cable assemblies, from CAT5E to CAT6 as well as CAT7. Our selection of network cable standards caters to your individual needs, supporting bandwidth speeds up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet. We can also build custom lengths with specialized cable labeling to build your assemblies to even more personal specifications.

Our network cable assemblies are manufactured to all modern requirements, meeting and exceeding IPC standards. To ensure consistently high quality, our cables also undergo continuity testing as well as hipot testing for potential shorts within the cable. We’ve carefully developed our manufacturing process to ensure you receive a final product that is 100% reliable!

JEM Electronics: Your Network Cable Assembly Manufacturer

It is important that we provide our customers with products of the absolute highest quality. From large data centers to military field units and medical facilities, every installation is important. With vigorous testing on all of our products, we ensure our network cable assemblies will work in your environment.

If you’re in need of a network cable assembly that’s both trustworthy and cost-efficient, contact us today. JEM Electronics is proud to offer our customers excellent products and services with everything from initial engineering and design assistance to final manufacturing and testing.

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